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5-SURE on Foot

5-SURE on Foot  - Bystander Intervention

Active bystanders provide a documented and proven solution toward shifting the culture around college drinking. With student input and administrative support, our team keeps an eye out for potentially dangerous situations happening outside during party nights.  The student staff alters the trajectory of a potentially intoxicated student’s night, preventing a relatively small problem from becoming a dangerous situation.  Also, if you're feeling unsafe walking back to your dorm on a weekend night, our team will gladly walk you home.

Similar programs at our peer institutions have been proven to be a protective factor in preventing many of these very serious events from occurring. Our team puts this in to practice sitting right outside of campus parties throughout the year. Check out their table on your way to the next party!

Each weekend night our team goes out stocked with snacks, water, and a desire to help their peers. They are famously known for their Poptarts.