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Training Offerings

Alcohol 101 - An activity based workshop that covers the basics of alcohol safety, the science behind alcohol metabolism, and reviews risk reducing strategies

Cannabis 101 - Myth busting around common cannabis myths, research-based medicinal v. non medicinal uses, and review of risk reducing strategies

Nicotine 101 - An educational guide that synthesizes current trends and risks related to nicotine use from cigarettes to vaping

Alcohol and Group Culture - An interactive workshop designed for student organizations that covers how to build a community culture of safety, fun, and inclusivity by identifying core values and clarifying a culture around alcohol consistent with those values.

Alcohol Narratives and Wellbeing - A deep dive discussion-based workshop that focuses conversation around alcohol, health, and wellness, and the ways in which gender roles and shame narratives can implicitly drive the environments we create and behaviors within those environments. Students have the opportunity to reconstruct their narrative about healthy and unhealthy relationships with alcohol. (Particularly geared toward single sex organizations, but open to all student orgs!)

Organizational Culture Assessment and Root Cause Analysis - A self guided toolkit for campus organizations to assess the group's culture around substance use -- and if applicable, disect past experiences to realign systems/processes with the group's goals and values.

Bystander Intervention - An interactive workshop that utilizes real-life scenarios to train students in bystander/upstander intervention techniques for alcohol and drug related situations. Utilizes upstander education principles to critically assess biases and how they show up in moments when we must choose whether to act or not. 

Sober Monitor Training - This training draws from bystander intervention principles and applies them to social gatherings and parties so that your sober monitors are set up for success in party management. 

Understanding Addiction - A workshop for groups and organizations to learn more about the biopsychosocial components of addiction and dependency. Students are trained to identify the scope of what a healthy and unhealthy relationship to substance use may look like and how to navigate difficult conversations with friends.

SCCOOPP Narcan Training for Stanford Community - Santa Clara County Opioid Overdose Prevention Program (SCCOOPP) curriculum for training individuals in how to administer Narcan while waiting for emergency personnel to arrive on the scene. Using Narcan is a lifesaving measure that reverses opioid overdoses.

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